Imagine a real-time knowledge graph of the global economy

Clear is on a mission to build the most extensive graph of the global economy ever made to enable an independent trade data and AI platform. We provide value-added data products and commercial insights to our partners as we work towards becoming a global utility. Our goal is to drive transparency, efficiency and opportunity in markets everywhere, for the benefit of anyone who does business.

A new perspective on global trade

As goods and services make their journey around the world, from supplier to buyer to customer, they leave behind disjointed trails of digital information. Valuable information is lost when goods change hands, cross borders and are transformed along the value chain. However, if these data can be harnessed and supply chains reconstituted, enormous opportunities exist to reduce friction, manage risk, enable financing and correct costly large-scale inefficiencies.

Our Story

Helping businesses be part of something bigger

Clear provides a neutral and independent trade data network and AI platform. We work with B2B networks, logistics platforms, working capital providers and businesses to help them unlock more value from their trade data. We provide our partners with the opportunity to participate in a global trade network, enabling them to benefit from far-reaching network effects.

Greater Visibility

More transparency between buyers, sellers and consumers; greater visibility up and down supply chains; and a better way to  manage risk.

Greater Collaboration

Leverage a shared economy for cost efficiencies and enhanced competitiveness without exposing commercially sensitive information.

Greater Efficiency

Drive more business value through automation, forecasting and optimisation; and enable fast, accurate and explainable data-driven decision making.

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Our Principles

Independence, accountability and fairness are the foundations of Clear. We are also committed to the ethical application of AI and to enabling positive social and economic change. Our Principles ensure we stay true to these values. The activities of Clear are overseen by Clear Governance, an independent body of academics, technical specialists and our partners.

Our Principles

Clear will at all times preserve its independence and integrity. We will not unduly favour any one member of our partnership network above or beyond any other.


Clear will conduct its business in a transparent and accountable manner. We believe that the onus is on us to communicate and educate about the work that we do, and that it is our responsibility to foster a relationship of trust with stakeholders and the wider public.


Clear will ensure that our systems act in a fair and unbiased manner that actively encourages diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Clear is committed to processing personal data to a minimal extent, in full compliance with applicable law and our  privacy policy

Responsible and ethical use of AI

Clear will operate within the following framework: 

i. We commit to the continual improvement of the quality, reproducibility, accuracy and precision of learnings and outcomes from machine learning. 

ii. We commit to building systems that avoid discrimination and bias, and to promoting diversity and fairness within these systems.

iii. We commit to building transparent and explainable systems that enable understanding and trust, which are managed with human oversight and control. 

iv. We commit to assessing the impact of our technology on the displacement of the workforce and to mitigating adverse effects wherever possible.

v. We commit to protecting all data we process and where we process personal data, to safeguard the privacy of the individuals involved. 

Economic progress and social responsibility

Clear will only use AI to enable positive social, economic and environmental change. We are committed to the responsible use of technology to enable transparency, efficiency and opportunity in markets everywhere.

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If you're excited by the possibility of using AI to transform the global economy, and would be a good fit for one of the opportunities below, please get in touch. We’re headquartered in London and offer challenging work, meaningful purpose, quality perks, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits.

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ML engineers to build machine learning solutions to solve business and customer problems. Data Scientist

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